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Ultrasonic Benefits

  • Acne patients saw a visible improvement of 98%

  • Rosacea patients experienced a 90% improvement

  • Pigmentation patients notices a 100% improvement

  • Psoriasis patients noticed a 100% improvement  

  • Promotes Collagen 

  • Minimizes Pores

  • Softens wrinkles & fine lines

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Ultrasonic Facials

Back to Zen Facial

This relaxing and therapeutic treatment is perfect to get your mind back to a state of zen. This moisturizing facial will bring balance to your skin and leave you feeling  RELAXED REFRESHED RENEWED                                                             $85   3-$229.50    6-$433.50


Acne Facial

This treatment is designed to loosen chronic pore blockage and congestion, kill bacteria, control follicular retention hyper-keratosis, reduce inflammation, and eject sebum. In addition, this treatment will help to promote the healing of new and older acne lesions, lower acne activity, calm, sooth, rehydrate and repair traumatized skin. Multiple treatments are required to control and manage the acne condition beginning with a minimum of 6. Start by scheduling 3 treatments, one week apart with the remaining 3 every 14 days.   1- $95    3-$256.50    6-$484.50


Anti Aging CBD Facial
Age gracefully with the powerful effects of CBD. Actively target discoloration, dark spots, and photo-damage with the innovative technology of powerful peptides, Vitamin C, CBD, and anti-oxidant packed nutrients. These ingredients will aide in leaving the skin bright, refreshed, glowing and looking years younger.                                    $95   3-$256.50  6-$484.50

Rosacea Facial

Soothe inflammation, reduce bacteria, and repair capillary walls through this powerful Rosacea treatment. This protocol pairs together Peptides, Sulfur, Micro Silver, and Horse Chestnut for the ultimate healing experience.     $90   3-$243     6-$459

Psoriasis/Eczema Facial

Atopic dermatitis (Eczema) and Psoriasis symptoms vary from person to person. Generally they consists of dry, itchy, scaly skin with a sensitive rash like appearance. This protocol will help to soothe inflammation, improve texture and strengthen the barrier of the skin. These products will re-enforce the skin’s barrier to prevent future flare ups.    $90       3-$243       6-$459

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